We support Tourism and Economic Development Organizations with a range of skills and expertise

Skill Development Workshops, Events & Presentations

Tansi Solutions arranges workshops, events, and presentations to help Tourism Businesses, Economic Development Councils, and DMO’s to collaborate, upgrade skills, and get insights into working better with the Travel Trade.

Indigenous Tourism Experience Development

We work with Indigenous communities across Canada to help create authentic, unforgettable, and meaningful experiences for visitors. From cultural workshops, guided canoe tours, trail walks, and activities around powwows, we help showcase the rich traditions and history of Indigenous peoples.

Practical Marketing & Sales Expertise

Tansi Solutions offers practical advice and strategies to improve marketing and make selling more effective to increase visitor numbers, enhance visitor satisfaction, and boost revenue. We plan marketing strategies and train salespeople in better conversion of leads to actual sales.

Funding and Financial Planning

Advice and application assistance on accessing funding opportunities to assist small tourism businesses to access and manage money wisely. We help to access suitable grants and loans for development and growth to ensure that businesses have the financial resources for success.

Business & Product Development

Practical tips on business development and writing Business Plans tailored to the unique needs of small and medium sized Indigenous and non-Indigenous organizations across Canada. We help to improve existing product and experiences, reach new markets, and empower Indigenous entrepreneurs to showcase their culture to the world.

Travel Trade & Market Readiness Programs

Based on our 60+ years of combined experience, we give practical advice to work effectively with the Travel Trade and become market ready. We guide you on building relationships and working with Travel Agents, Tour Operators, and Industry Partners in Canada and overseas.

Website, E-Commerce & SEO

Tansi Solutions helps tourism entrepreneurs build attractive websites, set up e-commerce platforms, and improve their visibility online through search engine optimization (SEO). Our goal is to empower small businesses to succeed in the digital marketplace and reach a wider audience.

Risk Management Assessment

We provide tailored advice and strategies to help identify and mitigate potential risks while ensuring the safety of the business and visitors. With support in developing emergency response plans and putting safety protocols in place, we support tourism businesses in protecting staff, guests, and assets.

Easy to Use Integrated Business Software for Small Businesses

With understanding of the unique needs of small tourism businesses, Tansi Solutions offers simple integrated business software solutions. Our user-friendly software helps manage sales, customer relations, operations, invoicing, and reporting all in one place.

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