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To listen to you. With an open mind, with open hearts, and in friendship. Relationships come first; business follows.
Tansi Tourism Solutions is a Metis majority organization, and we work with Indigenous and non-Indigenous Tourism business clients, Regional and Destination Marketing Organizations, and Economic Development Agencies across Canada. We have a strong appreciation of the strengths, challenges, hopes, and the many economic, historic, and cultural conversations surrounding Indigenous Tourism development in Canada.

Skills & Expertise

Darcie Guarderas

The founders of Tansi Solutions each bring over 30 years of senior-level experience in the Canadian tourism industry, covering product development, operations, marketing, sales, business development, HR, and finance. Darcie Guarderas, a prominent figure in the industry, boasts a career spanning 25 years. With a Métis background and roots in Alberta, she excelled as a travel consultant before transitioning to business development, where she established herself as a leader. Her expertise includes training, mentoring, destination representation, and fostering relationships with Indigenous tourism businesses. Darcie's extensive experience and industry connections make her an asset to Tansi Solutions.

Jai Mukerji

With over three decades of experience in the tourism industry, Jai, also a founding Director of Tansi Solutions, brings a rich background in business management, including roles as Operations Director and Vice President of a leading Canadian Tour Operator. His expertise spans product development, organizational structure, marketing, financial planning, and software development. Jai’s extensive career includes founding an adventure travel company, managing a travel agency, and serving on Destination Canada’s Leisure Marketing Advisory Committee for 8 years. With a visible minority background, Jai has a deep appreciation of the challenges facing Indigenous tourism businesses in Canada.

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